Garden Makeover, Walton Heath Rd, Walton, Warrington

The client contacted Pineapple Landscapes to design and construct a new garden to replace the overgrown and unsightly existing garden.  At the first meeting we discussed various ideas with the client to find the key factors that the design needed to incorporate.  Measurements of the garden were taken to create a design that is accurate to that individual garden.

Pineapple Landscapes returned to present the client with the design.  The 3D design accurately illustrates how the new garden will look, allowing the client to view the newly designed garden through 360 degrees.  Once the design was agreed upon Pineapple Landscapes quoted the project.

The first stage of the project for Pineapple Landscapes was site clearance, the large fish pond, timber walkways, trees, shrubbery and the turf needed removing.  Once the site was cleared and levelled it was time to construct the timber retaining walls and timber fencing.  The planting areas were created and planted up with a selection of new plants.  The lawn area was made level and the fresh new turf was laid.  We washed down the working area and removed all waste on completion of the project.

Mark at Pineapple Landscapes wasn’t the first landscape gardener I approached, but he was the first to instil me with confidence.  I was impressed by his can-do attitude, his design skills and his willingness to develop designs with me prior to me making any commitment.  Once the design was agreed on, Mark was able to give me a breakdown of the prices in the quotation.

We agreed on a start date and true to his word, Mark and his team arrived on day 1 and didn’t stop coming back until the job was complete after just three weeks.  Given the scale of the job, the rate of progress was impressive.

The workmanship was to a high standard as I had requested.  I couldn’t be happier with the end result and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pineapple to anyone.

Davor Parker.  Walton Heath Rd, Walton, Warrington